“… Moreover, none of the scholars in Saudi Arabia, whether in Makkah, Al-Madeenah, or any other part of the Kingdom of Saudi Kingdom dispraises any Imaam of Fiqh i.e. Maalik, Aboo Haneefah, Al-Shaafi`ee, Ahmad ibn Hanbal, or any other Muslim jurist.

On the contrary, they are known for holding such ‘A’immah in reverence, and acknowledging their grace and high positions and they have a firm precedence in spreading Islaamic Sharee`ah, preserving and learning its texts, rules and explaining that to Muslims and possessing patience in defending it against all doubts raised by Kuffaar (disbelievers), innovators, and liars …”

“… Furthermore, the honorable and venerable status held by scholars of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards the Four ‘A’immah is substantiated by teaching their Mathaahib and books in the Sacred Masaajid in the Honored Makkah and Al-Madeenah Al-Munawwarah, as well as in other Masaajid of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its universities.

The Kingdom has given much priority to publishing many books that contain their opinions and distributing them in all countries with Muslims living in them …”

Source: Al-Lajnah Al-Daa’imah, alifta.net